Superior Marketing, Promotions, and Radio Programming for Unsigned Artists, Entertainers, Professional DJs and Producers of all Musical Genres...Enter a different World.

There is a BIG difference between our program and all the other platforms and services available today.

We believe there should never be a “starving artist” or a “struggling business”, and we’ve created an AMAZING service to help resolve this problem. We can’t guarantee that everyone will love what you do, but we are committed to getting your music in front of more people to see what you have to offer.  There IS an audience out there for you, there are people waiting to hear YOUR voice, and that audience WILL pay for a product or service that gives them what they want.

“If It Don’t Make Dollars, It Don’t Make Sense…” – DJ Quick (Dollaz & Sense, Album: Safe & Sound)



What happens to the 1,000s of hopefuls who spend countless hours waiting in line to audition for those televised “talent” competitions?


What’s the difference between a platinum selling producer and the countless others who are equally talented, but still struggle to pay their bills?


Why do so many gifted, talented people walk away from their passion to pursue a paycheck?



  • An entertainer might have 5,000 “friends” and 70,000 followers on social media, and STILL need to work a 9 to 5 job to survive.

  • Unfortunately, “COMMENTS”, “LIKES”, and “SHARES” very rarely convert to consistent streams or purchases.

  • MOST creatives would double, or even triple, their revenue if they could get in front of enough people.


The cost to market, promote, and build an audience outside of your immediate area is too expensive. There are so many streaming services, social media sites, and networking platforms. Getting everyone engaged all at the same time takes a lot of work. We take can help take the guesswork out of building your audience.

“Sending Out an SOS…” - The Police (Message in a Bottle, Album: Regatta de Blanc)


Grann Mingus Entertainment Group LLC/Right On QUE Radio makes it easy to build your audience. Our program makes the process simple and cuts costs.  We work hard for entertainers who are serious about getting paid for doing what they love. Our strategy drives traffic to your social media page, digital downloads, and website. We partner with you to increase your traffic (viewers, fans, buyers) to ensure that your gift is being seen.

 “There’s A Million Fans Around…” – Modern Talking (Win the Race, Album: Back for Gold)


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